Friday, July 20, 2012

Is My Cancer Different?

I just love finding new cancer organizations to plug into. Is My Cancer Different? is a unique organization because it exists to show people their treatment options and help them learn about targeted and individualized therapy for their cancer. No two cancers are the same. In my case, with colon cancer, no two colon cancers are the same. Molecular testing of tumors is beginning to offer amazing new options for treatment instead of blanket chemo and radiation treatments. For example... did you know that colon cancer in patients that also have Lynch Syndrome responds differently to chemo than sporadic colon cancers? The normal chemo (5-FU) is not considered to be the best treatment for Lynch colon cancers, but without molecular testing there can't be that individualized treatment.

This is why Is My Cancer Different? is needed. It is a place you can go to learn what individualized or targeted actually means, what questions to ask your doctor, and find info about clinical trials. Plug into this resource, share it with your friends and family... you never know when someone might need this information.

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