Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Big Dreams- My Initial Vision for this Blog

When I started this blog I had a vision for where I wanted to go with it. Initially I knew I would just be blogging about random topics, my journey, etc, but there is something bigger I want to do.

I titled this "The Cancer Documents" because I wanted this to turn into a documentary of sorts. One thing I have learned from cancer is that it doesn't discriminate. It hits people of all ages, all sizes, all colors, all backgrounds... it doesn't care who you are. From a 9 year old girl to Patrick Swayze, no one is immune. I have met so many people of all ages and of all cancer types and I'm amazed at how different and how similar all of their stories are. I'm also amazed at their spirits. People can be so amazing... and I think that is something we forget when the world is filled with so much evil and so many tragedies.

I want to show people who maybe don't quite "get it" what it means to be a survivor. How it changes us, shapes us, and drives us. I've made a map and on that map I have marked the cities of my friends and people I've met along the way that are either fighting or have fought cancer. And that map will take me from Mobile, AL to California to Montana to New York and back to Mobile and so many places in between. 9000 miles. 2 cancer survivors (me and my husband). An endless amount of people along the way. One blog. And a documentary in the end displaying what it means to live with cancer and live after it. Life. I think we have a very unique look at life and I want to give others the chance to see what that looks like.

I am hopefully starting med school in late August. I would love to be able to spend my summer doing this. Over 2 months of traveling the US looking for inspiration. I'm throwing this out there hoping that someone might know of a company or several companies that would be interested in sponsoring us. We have a video camera, we have lap tops, and we drive a Prius so we will spend less on gas costs. I am also planning on attending an FDX kayaking program in Idaho in July, which I would like to include in the project. More people need to know about First Descents. What we need is money for gas, a very small amount of money for emergency housing (we hope people will allow us to stay in their homes but there might be times that doesn't happen), and a stipend for food. Any sponsor will get recognition on the blog and the documentary... we could also put a car magnet on the Prius with the name of our project and our sponsors.

I know this is way out there but I really believe it could make a big impact on the community. My hope is that it could also be something for cancer centers to utilize, something that could inspire those who are newly diagnosed. Something that could also provide information for patients... something to let people know about First Descents, Imerman Angels, CaringBridge, Blog for a Cure, different treatment centers, and numerous other organizations (such as Lynch Syndrome International and The Colon Club, both of which have been vital in my own journey). It took me years to find all of those organizations and I wish I had been told about those resources in the beginning.

So... if you're interested, have an idea for me, or would like to talk about sponsoring us, THANK YOU! This definitely won't happen without support... we can't do it on our own. Email me at and I'd be happy to give you more details about the trip. Thanks :)

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  1. WoW! Fabulous idea!! I hope you can find some sponsors!! I will be on the lookout for some! I can offer up a couch or two and maybe even kick my daughter out of her room if Melbourne Florida is in your road trip plans! Good luck girl! I'm excited to see what happens for you!!


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